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Biophilic design incorporates natural materials,
natural light, vegetation, nature views and other
experiences of the natural world into the modern

built environment. Designer Lyndsey Davis

Nicklas of L-Design Studio gives us her perspective on the subject. “As a designer and resident of the Sunshine State, I find it hard not to incorporate the concepts of biophilic design into our spaces,” she says.“ It is essentially connecting the interior environment to nature and the outdoors. In Florida, we often build our spaces around our beautiful water views, whether it be the gulf, a serene canal or a lake. Even our lanai and pool areas, with stunning water and fire features, become focal points of the whole house. We take advantage of the bright and sunny weather with large picture windows, skylights and glass sliding doors that pocket to open our space to nature. If you look closely, almost every space has some biophilic design application...."




Lyndsey Davis Nicklas of L Design Studio didn’t know
the interesting challenges that were in store for her when the owners of a Naples, FL, condo walked through her door. The new clients were collaborative and liked to push the envelope, so they sought out Lyndsey and her team to turn their newly purchased condo into a home away from home. The design they came up with was modern and fresh and showcased items that were important to the clients. Lyndsey calls it one of the most fun projects she’s ever worked on...


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